Tuesday, August 19, 2008

+ Artists... I LIKE +

Here are a some artists whose art continue to inspire me:

* Henry Asencio

* Fabien Perez

* Clifford Bailey

* Hazel Dooney

* David LaChapelle

* Pino Dangelico

* Michael Flohr

* Takashi Murakami

+ New start +

A year of IB art behind I have experienced colors, shapes, and media.
After a year trying to paint what I was not good at and draw things in a way that wasn't mine, I've finally found my own style.
I spent most of grade 11 IB art trying to paint real figures exactly as they are, how they look like and it failed me. I wasn't happy with what I was doing really. It was too neat, too symetric... Something was always wrong. I was too scared to mix colors, to create different shades. I wasn't satistied.
By the end of grade 11, the drawings I liked the most were the doodles I've done in some classes to cheat boredom.
In the summer, as I've been flying across lands a lot, fooling aroung with a black pen and plane's safety bags was becoming an escape to incredibly long flights between continents.
The fooling around ended being what I wanted to do and what I shoould have done since the first day of IB art. The drawings I made were figures and faces in black and white, really black eyes, distinctive traits and not real life-looking at all. I wasn't afraid to put shades and as I doodled ideas flew in freely.
I was hooked on different personnages imagining different backgrounds for them and stories.
Finally I enjoyed what I was doing and knew what my grade 12 IB art theme would be.